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status KNO is upgrading the application used on most of its shirts. Some shirts utilize the heat press with vinyl application which worked well for many of the designs, but is now moving towards use of the d-t-g process which involves digitally placing designs within the actual threads of the garments, as opposed to having them heat-pressed on to them. This application produces t-shirts that not only look better, but they also last much longer as well. They will not ever crack or peel. They are extremely durable. With the gradual swith to this process, status KNO will be moving away from utilizing darker colored t-shirts like blacks, browns, or forest greens, and will be using lighter colors that mesh better with the d-t-g process. 

The darker items will still be available, but the costs for producing them will be adjusted, as the process is being updated. The darker items will be an upcharge of $2 to cover the cost of production; my new printer here in Dallas charges extra for the heat-press process which is more tedious.

Thank you for your continued support and we truly appreciate you bearing with us as we grow. 

Best Regards,

status KNO.